Create a character that is your own! Be an elf, a dwarf, or even an Orc!


Our DM/s create a world that you can immerse yourself in and act out!


Most events provide free camping for the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for events!

safe family fun

Safety is number one and we ensure all participants are wearing safe gear 

About us

Enjoy a world of fantasy and fun combined together

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The rules of character creation

Much like Dungeons and Dragons, there are many rules to follow. Here are the basics to making a character.

Finding a name

As if you were a newborn babe, you must have a fresh name for your character. Avoid famous names or offensive ones.

Picking a class

Casting spells your thing or taking up a mighty sword to defeat your enemies? You get to pick from a range of classes.

picking a race

Do you want to be an elf? a dwarf? an orc? There are many to pick from within the rule book. 

Creating a backstory

The most important part, creating who you are and why you are what you are. This helps a get deal with character interactions.

The rules of combat

In LARP, we get physical. We don’t need to get hurt while doing it, so we ensure all weapons will not injure any participant.

No head shots

Head shots never count as a hit so no point in aiming for it but accidents happen.

no crotch shots

Never aim for the private area of another player. No points will be awarded and may be kicked from combat for the day.

no winding up

This is not baseball, we don’t need to hit as hard as possible. Yes many have armor, but many don’t.

be gentle

Always use a gentle touch when possible. The strength of the hit does not give you extra points.


Here are some shots of our members in various garbs and playing various roles throughout the LARP.

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Our Team

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How to get involved?

So you want to join a LARP group based in the Mid-Michigan and Western Michigan area? Look no further than Darkmor LARP. Just contact us through any of the ways below! Get your journey started today!


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